What is DPC?

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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is an innovative alternative payment model for your healthcare.  Patients join by paying a flat, recurring monthly fee, much like a gym membership. Insurance is not billed. This reduces total out of pocket costs for patients and allows physicians to keep patient panels low which increases the amount of time of each patient visit.  This nurtures the growth of a patient-doctor relationship as it should be: with the focus on your health without obstacles. Cardona Direct Primary Care is your advocate for affordable, yet excellent medical care and unobstructed access to your provider. It's simple. It's logical. It's patient-centered.

Direct care with flexible scheduling and extended appointment times

Affordable, patient centered pricing without hidden costs

Patient benefits such as cost savings on medications, labs, and imaging; unlimited visits; virtual care

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Employer benefits: Personalized  
healthcare available to your employees

 A DPC membership plus a high deductible plan is a common combination and great one to consider