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Obesity Management

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Cardona Direct Primary Care has a dedicated obesity management program that aims to provide compassionate, comprehensive care for obesity as a treatable, chronic disease. The mission of our Weight and Wellness Program is to address the multifactorial nature of obesity through personalized plans that incorporate evidence-based dietary management, physical activity, behavioral modification, psychological support, and medical-surgical treatments. We strive to enhance our patients' health outcomes and quality of life.



What we

A consultation for obesity management takes place over two separate appointments and includes:

  • Comprehensive health assessment and review of medical history and past weight history and weight loss attempts

  • Physical examination including body composition analysis and laboratory assessment of pertinent metabolic markers

  • Discussion of concomitant chronic medical conditions and their impact on weight, weight loss, and any potential fitness plan.

  • Goal setting

  • Development of a personalized plan to address weight and metabolic dysfunction, which may include recommendation of FDA approved anti-obesity medications or bariatric surgery options.*

​(*Insurance coverage for medications is plan-dependent.  It is the responsibility of the patient to know his/her medication coverage)


Achieving your weight loss goals is a significant milestone, but maintaining that success is equally important.  Remember, maintenance isn't just about the number on the scale because obesity is a chronic disease that requires ongoing medical care, much like asthma or hypertension or psoriasis. 


After the 6-month program, if patients wish to continue obesity management care with Dr. Cardona, we ask that patients enroll as direct primary care patients for ongoing comprehensive medical care, which includes medication management.

Structured 6-month program that integrates counseling and personalized recommendations with the goals of weight loss and improvement of metabolic markers.

  • Frequent, consistent physician visits to closely monitor progress.

  • Detailed discussions on strategies for nutrition and dietary management ideal for long-term success.

  • Counseling on physical activity and fitness options and ways to improve your total daily energy expenditure.  

  • Focused discussions on overcoming cravings, setbacks and disordered eating.

  • Anti-obesity medication management and dose adjustments.

  • Repeat lab work when appropriate.

  • Follow up body composition measurements.

  • Final recommendation for transitioning to a maintenance phase at the end of the 6 month program.


Body Composition Analysis - SECA mBCA 554

  • BMI

  • Fat mass index

  • Fat mass percentage

  • Skeletal muscle mass

  • Visceral adipose tissue

  • Energy expenditure

  • and more

Compound Semaglutide 

  • Available only to patients enrolled in the Weight Loss/Metabolic Reset program or to Cardona Direct Primary Care Members


Body Sculpting 

  • truSculpt
  • truFlex
Citrus Fruits


Are you ready to start addressing weight as a key component to your total health picture?  Are you ready to hear that weight is not something that can be boiled down to a simple diet plan or a single shot or a fad social media trend?  

To schedule an appointment for a Weight and Wellness consultation with Dr. Cardona, click the link below.

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