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What is body contouring and am I a good candidate?

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What is body contouring and am I a good candidate?

Body contouring, or body sculpting, is a procedure that aims to reshape an area of the body. These procedures may be surgical OR non-surgical and may have different targets like to:

  1. Get rid of extra skin.

  2. Eliminate excess fat.

  3. Tone musculature.

  4. Reshape or contour the area.

It is important to understand that a body contouring procedure is not meant to cause weight loss. Instead, it helps shape the body and target specific areas where diet and exercise has not been able to reach or after significant weight loss results in extra skin. Think of body contouring as “fine-tuning” specific areas of the body.

There are many options available for body contouring making it extremely easy to personalize and tailor to your own goals. Surgical contouring procedures such as breast lifts, tummy tucks, face lifts, liposuction, Brazilian Butt lifts, and fat transfers are options available to patients but the associated risks of anesthesia and surgery, the prolonged post-surgery downtime, and the cost often lead many to consider other more attractive non-surgical options.   Nonsurgical options are safe procedures that require no general anesthesia or incisions, require little or no downtime, and have few or no side effects.

Nonsurgical body contouring options to eliminate fat seem to be everywhere, and with so many options it can get confusing. The bottom line is this:  They all work in the same basic way.  They target and destroy fat, which is filtered by your body’s lymphatic system over time, usually a few months.   The main differences between them are how they target and destroy the fat.

COLD TREATMENTS (i.e., Coolsculpting) These procedures direct temperatures cold enough to crystallize and eventually kill fat cells but have mechanisms to protect your skin.  These procedures can be used on many areas including the chin, arms, abdomen, love handles, and thighs.  They are safe for most patients but those who have sensitivity to cold temperatures (like Raynaud’s syndrome patients), should avoid these treatments.

HEAT TREATMENTS (i.e., SculpSure) This laser is FDA-approved for fat reduction.  It uses laser energy to damage the fat cells which are then eliminated by the body.  The device uses a flat applicator, which makes it hard to use on areas with curves.  Heat treatments work best on thighs and stomach.

ULTRASOUND ENERGY (i.e., Ultrashape, Cavitation) This type of treatment uses ultrasound energy to break down fat.  It is very time- intensive, taking approximately 1 hour per session.  A technician moves a device around the treatment area manually while a mechanical vibration breaks down and destroys fat.  This mainly targets the abdominal area.

RADIOFREQUENCY ENERGY (i.e., truSculpt iD, Vanquish) Radiofrequency energy targets the water within the fat cells, creates heat and causes the fat cell to disintegrate. Patients will feel a warm sensation during the procedure.  There is no downtime afterwards.  This is the type of procedure that is used here at RefineMD.

If you want to get rid of extra skin, eliminate excess fat, tone musculature or contour your body, read more about our body-sculpting treatments, at RefineMD.

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