Orange Blossom

Small business pricing

With the Direct Primary Care model, providing
healthcare to your employees can be an affordable
option. Overhead costs are drastically reduced,
administrative barriers are eliminated, system
ineffiencies seen in traditional insurance-based
healthcare are gone. Cardona Direct Primary Care is
able to provide your employee with medical care


Employers pay $99/month per enrolled employee. If there are 5 or more employees enrolled, employers will pay only $75 per month per employee—a savings of roughly 25% per membership.      

  • Timely appointments for urgent care matters.   
  • Office visits are thorough and unhurried.   
  • We use technology to keep simple problems simple (via text, email or secure video) 
  • We limit our practice size which means that we can spend more time with patients during visits, appointments are more readily available, and there is no wasted time sitting in a crowded waiting room.
  • We offer generic medications in the office at wholesale prices.
  • We’ve pre-negotiated prices for lab testing 90% to 95% off retail and significantly less than insurance pricing.  A basic panel of labs typical with an annual examination (complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, cholesterol panel) is about $10.
  • We try to eliminate urgent care visits by doing as many urgent visits in office as possible including procedures such as suturing and incision and drainage. 
  • No additional copays 

What can you offer your employees?

  • Comprehensive primary care for employees

  • Increased productivity of the staff by keeping employees well and reducing missed work with convenient, flexible appointment times

  • Control to your healthcare costs with a flat, low monthly fee

  • Access to medical care via telemedicine (unless recommended to be seen in office)

  • Job satisfaction and loyalty among your employees by offering this unique healthcare benefit


What can we offer your employees?