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About Dr. Cardona

Board Certified Family Physician, Dr. Cardona is passionate about keeping healthcare transparent and simple.  Meet her and the rest of the Cardona DPC and RefineMD clinic staff.

Focus on your health without obstacles. Pay a flat monthly fee for unlimited primary care. No insurance necessary.  Learn more about Direct Primary Care.


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Direct Primary Care

Why Cardona DPC + RefineMD?

"Better" insurance plans does not always equal "better" healthcare.  Too often, patients are disappointed by insurance companies, healthcare systems, and medical providers-- the same champions that are supposed to be supporting patients.

Direct Primary Care eliminates the obstacles between insurance plans and patients.  We keep the decisions about healthcare between you and your doctor, not you and an administrator. Benefits include price transparency, cost savings, and better communication.  All of your treatments and visits are with a board certified physician.  No one else.  

Interested in learning more about Direct Primary Care?  Want to ask more questions about aesthetic services?  Would you like to meet the staff and visit the office first?  Meet and greet appointments are complimentary. Aesthetic consultations are free.

Alison J

"Direct Primary Care has been a wonderful experience... I cannot say enough about how positive my experience has been and I am so grateful to have found a physician as wonderful as Dr. Cardona."

After spending 18 years practicing medicine within the constraints of too many third-party interests, Dr. Cardona understood, all to well, the frustrations that her patients voiced about the inefficiencies and apathy of the healthcare system.  She had chosen a career in family medicine because she valued the intimate and sacred relationships that are formed between a patient and his/her primary care provider.  The Direct Primary Care model restores that relationship between physician and patient by eliminating the obstacles. 


Healthcare should be simple to understand, affordable, and accessible.   


All aesthetics consultations, procedures, and services are performed by Dr. Cardona. Dr. Cardona is a Board-Certified Family Physician and the Owner/Founder of Cardona Direct Primary Care and RefineMD Aesthetics.


To learn more about Dr. Cardona, her staff, and our clinic, please visit us here

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