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Cardona DPC and RefineMD Aesthetics is happy to connect our patients with local business partners who are like-minded.  We support businesses that promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness and that are committed to serving the Jacksonville community by providing price-transparent services directly to the consumer.


When contacting any of our community partners, don't forget to mention that you are a Cardona DPC and RefineMD patient. 


Revision Health Services is a Concierge Home Physical Therapy and Wellness Practice in Jacksonville, Florida

Four Friends Fitness is Women’s personal training suitable for all fitness levels


Keeping Healthy Simple Club, LLC
Health Coaching & Medical Nutrition Therapy

Renew Integrative Health provides wellness chiropractic care and exercise rehabilitation to active adults living in Jacksonville, Florida

#410169 - Renew Integrative Health - A4-07.png
Screenshot 2024-02-22 145643.png


Pelvic Floor Therapy • Birth Coaching
Postpartum Recovery • Sexual Health • Perimenopause

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