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Body Composition Measurements

Body composition analysis involves measuring the various components that make up your body, including fat, muscle, bone, and water. Unlike standard scales, which only provide your total body weight, body composition measurements give a detailed breakdown of how much of your weight comes from each component.

Why is it important?

Personalized Treatment Plan

By knowing your body composition, we can create customized treatment plans that target your specific needs, such as reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, or improving overall health.

Identify Health Risks

High body fat percentages, especially visceral fat around the organs, can indicate increased health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Motivate and Educate

Understanding your body composition can be highly motivating. Seeing tangible results in muscle gain or fat loss reinforces your efforts and helps you stay committed to your health goals.

Track Progress Accurately

Regular body composition measurements provide a more accurate picture of your progress. You can see changes in muscle mass and fat percentage, even if the scale doesn’t show significant weight loss.

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