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February 5 is National Wear Red Day

Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of women in the United States taking more female lives than all forms of cancers combined. One woman dies every 80 seconds from a cardiovascular related disease in this country, and nearly 45% of women 20 years and older are living with some form of cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, many women still underestimate the seriousness of cardiovascular disease.

The American Heart Association's, Go Red for Women, is a movement designed to increase women's heart health awareness. They have designated the first Friday in February as National Wear Red Day. On this day, both men and women are encouraged to wear red in support of raising awareness of cardiovascular disease, donate to the American Heart Association to support lifesaving research, education and health impact initiatives for all women, browse the American Heart Association shop for merchandise, or consider contributing to the clinical research on Cardiovascular disease in women.

It's important to know that even modest changes to your diet and lifestyle can improve your heart health and lower your risk by as much as 80 percent. Knowing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease allows you to identify which ones you can control and which ones you cannot. The risk factors include:

High blood pressure Age

Smoking Gender

High blood cholesterol Heredity (Family history)

Lack of regular activity Race

Obesity or overweight Previous stroke or heart attack


Caring for your heart through a healthy diet and regular physical activity is the secret weapon to preventing heart disease.

To learn more about preventing cardiovascular disease, visit or

If you would like to talk to Dr. Cardona about your own cardiovascular risk or how you can improve your risk, enroll here to become a patient.

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