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Cardona Direct Primary Care accepting new patients.

Cardona Direct Primary Care opened its doors in July 2020 in Jacksonville, Florida to patients aged 11 and up. Direct Primary Care is an alternative payment model for healthcare. Patients join by paying a flat, recurring monthly fee, much like a gym membership. While patients are still encouraged to have a source of health insurance, insurance is not billed for primary care services provided by Cardona Direct Primary Care. By eliminating the administrative burden of third-party billing, Direct Primary Care clinics are able to reduce total out of pocket costs for patients and allows physicians to keep patient panels low which increases the amount of time of each patient visit. This nurtures the growth of a patient-doctor relationship as it should be: with the focus on the patient's health without obstacles.

Dr. Cardona is currently accepting new patients but like most direct primary care clinics, Cardona Direct Primary Care aims to limit the total number of patients enrolled in order to preserve the true, personalized, and unique nature of direct primary care. There is more information regarding the services offered and the benefits included in the membership on our website at You can also enroll easily via the website as well.

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